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  • Salon | Style | Studio Five Fourteen

    Shop Collections Earrings View All Bracelets View All Apothecary View All Curiosities View All New look, more options! Welcome back to Studio Five Fourteen's improved site! The Salon The Style

  • Store Policy | Studio Five Fourteen

    Store Policy Product Care All handmade items as well as manufactured items should be handled, stored and washed with care. Never expose to excessive heat or cold, washed according to directions and stored in proper places out of elements that could cause irreplaceable damage. ​ Polymer Clay/ Resin/ Mixed media handmade items should be wiped with a dry soft microfiber cloth to remove debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals, detergents and perfumes on handmade and manufacture jewelry as this may cause tarnish and or discoloration. Never use acetone, ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners. To avoid tarnish on metal materials store in a cool dry place and wipe with dry cloth after each use to stop the build up of natural oils, remove debris, residue and anything else that may have come in contact with your unique piece. ​ Cloth/ Material items should be washed according to directions and material type. When in doubt a soft, dry microfiber cloth is best. Depending on the material a damp microfiber cloth may be used. If an item is machine washable please follow proper washing instructions. No bleach. Privacy & Safety Thank you for shopping/ visiting Studio Five Fourteen. Studio Five Fourteen is committed to protecting your privacy, safety and personal information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact via email. Rest assured, Studio Five Fourteen does not collect, save or sell your personal information or data. For any reason. Custom Inquiries I'm always eager to create custom designs to make the perfect gift, matching sets for events and parties, something personalized and unique just like you or whomever you're shopping for. Feel free to reach out and we can collaborate on your unique, personal custom ideas. Wholesale opportunities are not currently being offered at this time. Payment Methods Payment Methods - All major Credit Cards Accepted

  • Curiosities | Studio Five Fourteen

    Curiosities COMING SOON Vintage Vibes Tote Bag Price $48.00 COMING SOON Soleil Tote Bag Price $44.00 COMING SOON Hagrid Tote Bag Price $58.00 COMING SOON Breakthrough Market Bag Price $45.00 COMING SOON Pearl Fusion Messenger Bag Price $43.00 COMING SOON Janesa Valoran Round Bag Price $37.00 COMING SOON Bottega Wine Bottle Holder Price $25.00 COMING SOON Glee Beer Can Holder Price $10.50 COMING SOON Village Beer Can Holder Price $8.50

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