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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does your inventory come from?
    Brand name beauty products and merchandise are purchased from reputable suppliers to ensure authenticity. Most, if not all jewelry is handmade depending on inventory, uniqueness and availability. Bath and body supplies are also mostly, if not always, handmade also dependent on availability, quality and uniqueness. Sachets are always handmade from all natural ingredients.
  • How you process payments?
    All payments are processed securely through Square, Inc.
  • What types of beads are used in your jewelry?
    Studio Five Fourteen handpicks and chooses a variety of unique beads for their unique jewelry pieces most often found in their bracelets. Healing stones and crystals, glass beads, natural and tinted lava beads (perfect for essential oils), smooth and embossed wood, acrylic, resin, polymer clay and silicone beads are most often used.
  • How can I contact you in case of a mistake, inquiry or damaged item?
    Please reach out via email
  • What type of metal are your earring posts?
    All earring posts are made of hypoallergenic materials but stainless steel posts are most often used.
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