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About Lou


My name is Mandy, owner of Studio Five Fourteen in Woodbury, MN. I've been providing hair services in the salon world since 2003 and lash extensions services since 2017. I enjoy crafting and creating just about anything and hope to share my little works of art with you as well as my talent for the services I provide. My handmade jewelry pieces are crafted out of polymer clay, resin, faux leather and other mediums. Each of my pieces are unique and handcrafted with love. My handmade bracelets are made of handpicked healing stones, glass and lava beads along with an assortment of unique findings I happen to stumble upon. My handmade candles are made of a natural soy & vegetable wax blend safer than paraffin based waxes you would find at big name stores. My goal is to create something you will love as much as I enjoy creating it!

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